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The Edge

The edge is an exclusive private villa located in Pecatu, the southern part of Bali Island which was opened in April 2010. As the name says, this villa is situated right on the edge of a cliff, 80 metres above the Indian Ocean with direct view to the breathtaking blue ocean with sea breeze that create a magical yet relaxing ambiance.


Spread over 1.5 hectares, It offers 3 villas and a total of 10 bedrooms which make it an ideal place for a private wedding with your close family and friends.




Unlike other wedding venues such as 5 star hotels and resorts, The Edge offers the feel as if you are hosting your wedding at your own home.


A house that offers modern facilities and details that go hand in hand with some Balinese accents in its architecture and design. You will find Balinese carvings on stonewall and modern art paintings on the wall inside the villa.


You and your guests will also be pampered with complete resort facilities including a Spa, Pool, Gymnasium, Bar, Wine Cellar, Wine tasting lounge, a Theatre, and Children’s room. Please take note, the Theatre room is like a miniature of the Premiere, and the Spa has a jaw-dropping facility where the floor is covered in two inches of water and the treatment beds seem to float between the sea and the sky behind the billowing white curtains that surround it.


If an intimate party with warm ambiance to welcome your guests as if you are hosting a wedding at your own (grandeur) home with total privacy and exclusivity is the kind of ambiance that you are looking for, this is the venue for you.





The ceremony is usually conducted outdoor at one of its villa. This area is interesting as you will make your vow just at the edge of the cliff with breathtaking view of the ocean, and behind you and your guests there is a pool with dark colored tiles which makes the wedding ceremony pictures look photogenic behind the camera.


Following the ceremony, you can continue with cocktail party at the Bar just next to the main pool with sweeping views of the ocean and to catch the cooling ocean breeze.



The dinner reception will be hold outdoor at its lawn, located at the edge of the villa with direct view of the ocean and is big enough to cater a wedding of up to 200 people.

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