What is a Wedding Concept and how would it change my wedding?
A Wedding Concept translates your story, personality, and preferences into an overall wedding theme, color palette, and every little detail of your wedding. Under the guidance of Nastassya Saputra as your Wedding Conceptor, you will have a bespoke wedding that is cohesive, beautiful, and tasteful. 
We can create a very meaningful and powerful Wedding Concept because whilst we are passionate about what we do, we also care very much about your dream wedding. Hence, from the very beginning of our engagement, we will send a questionnaire to get to know more about you, your love story, likes and dislikes, in order to create a concept that is very personal and meaningful to the couple.
After this process, we will create a presentation deck of your wedding concept, theme color, and detail of every design related element of your wedding so you'll get a glimpse of what your wedding day would look like (and get excited about it). We will also help to recommend vendors that best fit both your concept and your budget at the same time.
Once your design related wedding vendors (i.e. the decorator, invitation designer, stationery vendor, and all other design related vendors) have been selected, we will be in touch with them on a daily basis to make sure they will go according to the concept created for the wedding and to ensure that your wedding will truly be a bespoke wedding that is beautiful, intimate and personal. 
A wedding that will make you and your guests, gush about your wedding.
Our wedding album will make you understand what a Wedding Concept does to a wedding (and how powerful it is!)


What is the difference between a Wedding Conceptor and a Wedding Organizer/ Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Conceptor is like the architect of a wedding. We get involved with you right from the very beginning to create a concept that gives vision and blue print to your wedding. This concept will then be executed by all related vendors, under the Wedding Conceptor's supervision to make your dream wedding come true. A trusted Wedding Organizer, on the other hand, will focus on the coordination and logistics part of the wedding to ensure your wedding day runs according to the plan and rundown. So we work together to help you with your wedding.

Although some Wedding Organizers offer Wedding Planning services, a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Conceptor simply focus on different matters. Flying Bride has a distinct standard and taste in designing a wedding concept that is both personal and beautiful, to result in a one of a kind wedding experience.

Please look at our signature weddings as our work speaks for itself.

What is the process involved and how much do you charge?
  1. Drop us an email and provide us with some basic information such as your wedding date, venue/ location and the number of guests for your wedding before we can offer you a quote. Please note though that what we offer is Wedding Concept Design and not Wedding Coordination services. Since our focus is more on the design and aesthetics, our fee is exclusive of Wedding Coordination fee and we usually work with a separate Wedding Coordination team to handle the technical and logistics.​
  2. If after the initial email with our quote you are interested with what we offer, we will be happy to discuss and answer further questions that you may have either via email, phone or to arrange a meeting before sending you with our formal proposal.
Can you help me plan for my honeymoon as well?

Flying Bride has so much passion for creating a personal and meaningful concept for your wedding. Luckily, Escapes by Marcela, has the same amount of passion for travel, romantic getaway and good food as we do for weddings.


Marcela, the founder, has her own distinct standard of travel and living. Her passion led her to travel around the world to visit the best places, taste the best food, and to share her wonderful experience with others. Whether it is a romantic trip to Bora-Bora, Santorini, to the city that never sleeps (New York) or to experience the exotic South Africa, let her expertise, knowledge and experience help you to create an unforgettable honeymoon that you will cherish with your spouse forever.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions you may have.
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