Custom Glass House Wedding
Preparing my own wedding was how I found my passion in life. It turned out that I have a deep passion for wedding concept and planning. Every element of my wedding was personalized to incorporate me and my husband's character, taste and journey together as a couple. The result was one signature wedding that was very much a reflection of us, and our story.

At the end of the wedding, and even after many weeks later, our guests would still talk about our wedding, of how meaningful and impressive the wedding was they deemed it to be the best wedding they have ever attended.

As the bride, it was indeed one very precious, priceless memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My vision is to enable other brides to experience the same. Thus, Flying Bride, a company that specializes in creating one of a kind wedding concept inspired by the couple's own story and uniqueness, was born.

As I work out of my passion, I am not interested in producing a standard, one size fits all wedding event. I will create a signature wedding for each of my clients, and it is not finished until I hear my clients and their guests gasp about the wedding.

Nastassya Saputra
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